What type of cooking strategy is the healthiest(5)?

Sue Sweet’s (the Sous Vide,)

Super Suite knife from the French for “under vacuum” Super Suite on the dumped body in a plastic bag that is sealed tight, do not let air into lasting. 1 hour or so In a temperature controlled from a thermostatic bath Some meat For example, meat used to make steak. After using the Sousse method Will have to use the pan to fire the meat to be charred
Sousseeds are the lowest temperature cooking method of all cooking methods. 

Which is around 55–60 ° C. Cooking in this low temperature. It helps to reduce the risk of forming toxic substances to the body. Other than that This is because the cooking time and temperature can be controlled. This makes it possible to control the softness and cook more evenly than other cooking methods. Additionally, the juices are stored in plastic bags. Thus storing vitamins and other nutrients that may be lost Sousse cooking can take an hour or more. 

However We can maintain a constant temperature control for hours. From the manufacturer of the plastic bags used to make the sousse Every bag is tested for BPA (bisphenol A or polycarbonate). Or plastic pellets) or other substances that are toxic to the body But the examination did not find any material in the bag.

“What strategies do know is how healthy as possible.”?

– From the perspective of health benefits. The best cooking strategies are stewing, pressurized simmering, or steaming and sousse. Every method has good results and different bad results. The most popular cooking tactic is: Grilled like a grill and deep frying But all of these methods have negative health effects from poaching agents and other methods that use moist heat. Low temperatures can reduce the generation of these harmful substances. But it may also cause the loss of vitamins.

 However Choosing the healthiest cooking method will be stew, press-boil, and sousse. By removing the water that flows from the meat so that it does not flow and does not tarnish and use good fat oils, it can reduce the risk as well.