What type of cooking strategy is the healthiest(4)?

Fry in oil until it floats. 

Deep-frying or deep-frying is the type of frying that the meat is submerged in oil during frying. Meat is often battered before being fried. Frying with a lot of oil often contributes to the flavor and crispness of the food. It is also a cooking method that can keep a lot of vitamins and nutrients in meat. But frying has a negative effect on the body as well. That we fry food in a lot of oil Research has shown that AGEs, aldehydes and heterocylic amines are often found in the total number of cooking methods. The absorption of oil from frying is large. Which if frying with that vegetable oil It can affect the body more than the calories it receives. But also affects the cause of cancer and heart disease.

Slow cooking

Stew is a cooking tactic that takes several hours in a casserole. The casserole is an electric pot with a glass lid covering the top. The stew is usually between 88-121 ° C. In the low temperature of the stew Will reduce the risk of developing toxic substances to the body The user-friendly features of stew are simplicity and ease of cooking. The meats can be cooked and put in a pot and can be left to stew early in the morning for up to 6-8 hours without supervision during the stewing. And can be taken out and eaten for dinner Stew is very close to braising. In this regard, meats tend to lose B vitamins from the water that runs out of the meat. 

However The braised meat is soft, often making too much due to the steamed in a long time.

The jug using the steam pressure (Pressure Cooking) or steamed.

– The steam pressurization is a method of cooking with moist heat. This is a method that people prefer to cook in a shorter time and use less energy than other methods. The boiler is decompressed by steam pressure. 

It is a pot with a lid and a safety valve that can regulate the pressure of the steam generated in the pot. The steam pressure increases the boiling temperature of the water from 100 ° C to 121 ° C, which increases the speed of cooking with the steam pressure boiling method. 

The beneficial effect of the steam pressure boiling method was to reduce the time of boiling the meat to be tenderized or cooked. Boiling with a pressurized electric kettle reduces oxidation of cholesterol more than other cooking strategies and can also reduce the loss of vitamins. Including adding flavor and softness of the meat as well.

 However The pressurization must be stopped to see if the meat is cooked. Therefore causing the cooking to stop periodically Besides that, it is also like a stew. That may cause the meat to be too soft or too stale.