What type of cooking strategy is the healthiest?

Meat is a staple of any delicious meal. Can do a variety of menus It is also a great source of good protein and many other nutrients. However, such cooking strategies may influence the quality and benefit of our body. This article will expand the image to see and understand the changes of meat during the cooking process. This will help us know how to make food of the highest quality and benefit.

Cooking strategies affect health.

– Preparation of meat, whether it is boiled, grilled or fried, it is all that Helps in the digestion of healthy tissues and fiber of meat. Thus making it easier to chew and digest It also helps the absorption of nutrients and nutrients. More then is That we cook with any method It also kills potentially pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella (gastrointestinal bacteria) and E. coli (a type of bacteria in the gut) which can cause sick or fatal food poisoning However Preparing food has the ability to reduce the capacity of antioxidants. 

Depending on the duration of the cooking strategy At any stage during cooking it may cause the meat to lose nutrients or nutrients. But more or less depending on the cooking method of the individual In addition, we put the meat in a high temperature for a long time, it may cause toxins that cause disease. 

Choosing a cooking method will reduce the loss of nutrients and can reduce the build-up of potentially toxic substances, and the meat will be eaten with the highest benefits. The following articles will expand on the various cooking strategies that affect meat.

Drying (Roasting and Baking).

– Baking is the use of dry heat to cook food. Dry heat cooking differs from moist heat cooking. Since the heat is humid, water or another liquid may aid in the ripening. Baking often means placing the meat in a large container with a wire rack so that the juices won’t come into contact with the meat. This strategy can be done in an oven that can rotate. Using a turnable oven is often the method of baking large chunks of meat. Such as a whole chicken or turkey. 

Baking is usually used to bake chicken, duck or fish.

The method of baking can be the meat by wrapping the meat with or without foil. Most of the time, the temperature of the baking is 149–218 ° C. Approximately 30 minutes to an hour or so. Depending on the type of baked meat, this method will produce the least amount of vitamin C. 

But we bake in high temperatures for a long time. Will cause meat to lose up to 40% of B vitamins And that we bring the water that flows from the meat that we bake Come and eat together. Will help reduce the loss of nutrients that are lost Bring the water that flows from the meat to eat with the meat. This is known as the au jus on menus.