Honey that is superior to sweetness.

Honey, aside from having a sweet flavor Can add deliciousness to food and dessert menus As well as various beverages are good.

There are many benefits of honey that many people might not have ever expected. That is because honey is rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.

Which are the benefits of honey, and what should be eaten to get the most benefits. Without any disadvantages Let’s see the answer.

Eating honey that is delicious and useful

Before getting to know the benefits of honey. Lets come to understand that eating honey is the best and most delicious first. Which has the following methods of eating.

1. Eat 1 hour before meals

Eating honey Should be eaten 1 hour before meals, which will help stimulate the absorption of nutrients in the stomach as well. Or if eaten before bed will also help to sleep more comfortable as well By eating, mix honey in a little warm water. From then, sipping until the glass is full, this will get the most benefit.

2. Use instead of sugar

Eat honey by using it as a sweetener instead of sugar. By adding honey to coffee, fruit juice in some food or spreading bread instead of jam Which, in addition to getting a delicious flavor, will not make you fat or risk diabetes as well But however much shouldn’t be worn, eat too much Because honey, when eaten a lot, may cause harm as well.

All kinds of honey

For the benefit of honey Having said that, there are so many that many people may not have ever anticipated. Which we have gathered some outstanding benefits From honey as follows.

1. Add freshness

Honey has an excellent refreshing effect on the body. Especially after waking up in the morning and afternoon, who are feeling tired from work. By mixing honey with warm water and sip steadily, or if feeling bored, it may be changed to mix in other beverages. Such as fruit juice instead

2. Skin care

Honey has the property of nourishing the skin to shine. Bright and smooth, naturally beautiful Which may be nourished by eating or mixed with other herbs Can be used as a facial mask For example, the formula for beautiful skin from honey is as follows

Formula 1, adding moisture to the skin.

How to make: ½ crushed banana, mix thoroughly and mix with honey. Stir together then apply to the face, mask for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Can do as often as needed Just by doing it regularly, you will see results from the first week immediately.

Formula 2 cleanses the skin deeply.

This recipe uses pure honey facial mask. Just apply honey to mask all over your face. Leave for 20-30 minutes, then wash your face thoroughly. Can mask with honey on a daily basis. The properties of honey absorb the impurities that clog the pores. Helps clean pores and skin thoroughly. The skin is therefore clean, clear without acne, preventing the occurrence of acne well. At the same time Can also nourish the skin to be more moist and smooth. Suitable for girls with dry skin problems as well.

Formula 3 Acne Treatment Honey also has the ability to cure acne.

By helping to kill the bacteria which is the cause of acne And can reduce acne inflammation Acne will disappear faster. For this recipe, mix honey with cinnamon powder in equal proportions. Then apply to acne points or to mask the face all over. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Cinnamon is an herb that inhibits the growth of acne. When combined with these two drugs, it will help the acne to subside quickly. And will definitely disappear faster.

3. Put in salad dressing to prevent preservatives.

For anyone who makes salad dressing for sale And must be kept for many months Honey can be used as a preservative By mixing the honey with a little dressing Just this, don’t worry. Found that honey can help the salad dressing to be stored for up to 9 months While also helping to increase the taste to be more delicious and fragrant than before.

4. Treatment of colds

When ill with the flu Eating honey mixed with 1 cup of warm water every morning or before bedtime Will help treat cold symptoms faster Or in people who have a cough Sore throat as well Sipping warm water and honey often It will help reduce coughing as well. But if wanting to get the throat wet Recommend to mix a little lemon juice Will make you feel better The lemon juice also helps to stimulate the body to be refreshed as well. The existing illness will be greatly alleviated.

5. Cure diabetes

When sick with diabetes Doctors will absolutely forbid sugar or sugary foods. But for honey is one exception Because honey can cure diabetes well Just take 250 grams of honey mixed with fragrant pear, finely ground 5 balls, then boil until sticky, then mixed with drinking water regularly. Will make the diabetes gradually It subsides and heals faster when treating concurrently with medical treatment.

6. Relieve constipation

If anyone has frequent constipation There is no need to take laxatives for health risks. Because honey has the power to help relieve constipation as well. By bringing ripe ripe bananas to dip in honey and then eat as normal Recommended to eat regularly in the morning after waking up. Constipation will definitely not be a lot of heart While also helping the digestive system to work more efficiently as well.

7. Helps reduce obesity.

Many people may think that honey has a sweet taste. Which will make you fat But the truth is that the sweetness of honey does not contribute to obesity as many people think. But in contrast to helping to lose weight quite well Because the sweetness of honey will reduce the craving for sugar or dessert to be less As well as helping to stimulate the metabolism to break down fat effectively The result is a compact body and a satisfactory weight loss.

8. Relieve fatigue from work.

On a tiring day at work And feeling very tired Eating honey will help to relieve fatigue from work well. And can reduce stress as well Therefore, young working people should not miss to eat honey often.

9. Nourish the heart

Honey helps to strengthen the heart and can pump blood to different parts. Of the body can be improved When eating honey regularly, it reduces the risk of heart disease. Heart attack and coronary artery disease as well. Therefore, if anyone does not want to suffer from heart disease, try eating honey often.

10. Solve the problem of children whipping milk.

When the baby drew milk Can solve the problem by mixing honey with milk to drink for children Which will make the taste of milk very tasty to Therefore, the baby does not drew the milk out and can drink more milk than usual. But only to mix just a little bit to prevent the baby being allergic to honey.

11. Treatment of gastritis

Honey can reduce the acidity in the stomach and help treat gastritis very well. Which will help alleviate stomach ache and help heal faster In addition, when eaten regularly, it makes the stomach more effective in digestion.

12. Solve the problem of vaginitis

In women with vaginal inflammation Eating honey will help solve the problem well. Because honey has the power to kill Candida Which is an infection that causes symptoms of vaginitis Causing the symptoms to subside and gradually Finally healed In addition, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria around the vagina as well.

13. Helps to sleep well.

Because eating honey will cause relaxation and help reduce tension as well. Therefore can solve insomnia perfectly Just mix honey in warm water. From then, continue to sip 30 minutes before going to bed or mix in milk instead Because normally 1 cup of warm milk doesn’t just give high protein But also full of calcium and Tripophen that will make it easier to sleep and sleep better When we add honey, it is as much as twice as with natural good sleeping pills. This will help you to sleep comfortably and sleep deep throughout the night. Knowing this, whoever has frequent insomnia problems Try warm water or honey-mixed milk before bed.

14. Reduce the occurrence of cramping

Cramping is a symptom that can occur to everyone and often. Which creates quite a bit of suffering Even if it’s not dangerous But can easily reduce the occurrence of cramping By eating honey regularly Regardless of whether you eat it in the form of a food or beverage menu, the results will be satisfactory.

15. Reduce acne

In addition to honey, it has health benefits. Can also reduce acne Just mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, then stir until mixed thoroughly. Leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Routine acne will collapse and reduce the occurrence of new acne as well. While also helping to shed dull skin cells to be brighter and more white as well

16. Strengthen immunity

It is a honey that tastes sweet like this, but it can also strengthen the immune system as well. Which will make the body more strong Ready to resist various diseases Effectively Therefore, anyone who wants to be physically strong Far away from illness Try eating honey on a regular basis.

17. Help nourish the blood.

Foods that can nourish the blood, not just iron. But honey also helps to nourish the blood By bringing about ½ tablespoon of honey mixed with hot water. Add 1 slice of lemon juice and a bit more salt Drink 1 cup a day, as this will improve blood flow and help nourish the blood in people with anemia.

18. Solve a hangover

For those who always party Socializing often with alcohol Honey is a helper that can not miss it. Because honey helps in the hangover Excellent headache and rejuvenation of the body Ready to help adjust the balance of the body to be more stable. Just drink honey mixed with warm water and a little lemon after waking up.

19. Prevent arthritis

As you get older or work that requires lifting heavy objects Tend to be at high risk of arthritis Which can be prevented by eating honey as well By taking 1 teaspoon honey and 2 teaspoons of apple cider to mix in 1 cup of warm water to drink 2 times a day, arthritis symptoms will definitely not occur. Plus helps reduce muscle pain Back pain as well.

20. Brain nourishment

In addition to Omega 3, which helps to nourish the brain Honey can also nourish the brain and enhance memory. Because honey is rich in vitamins and many nutrients that will help nourish the brain well. Plus, when eaten often It will help reduce the risk of Alzheimer as well. Therefore, let’s eat more honey.

Penalties for honey if eating too much

Although the benefits of honey are many But at the same time being punished too Should eat only the right amount of honey The disadvantages of eating too much honey are following.

Bloating and diarrhea are due to the amount of fructose in honey. This sugar will cause absorption problems in the intestine. Resulting in bloating Abdominal distension or diarrhea often. Therefore, eating honey each time should be eaten only in small increments.

Risk of botulism Which is caused by spores of germs present in honey Therefore prohibiting children under 1 year of age to eat, including women who are pregnant and breastfeeding by this disease is very dangerous Because it will cause acute neurological disorders.

Who shouldn’t eat honey?

Did you know that? not everyone can eat honey because in some people it may cause more harm than good. Therefore, before eating honey, it is important to understand first and foremost those who are unable to eat and qualify themselves as such.

1. Infants under 1 year old because of this age still have a lower immunity, which may cause allergies or infections that come with honey more than the general public.

2. People with good disabilities (People with yellow eyes and yellow eyes) because these people tend to be allergic to honey. Which can cause the symptoms to be more severe

3. People who are allergic to honey and honey pollen Because if eaten will cause immediate allergic reactions As for the symptoms, it depends on the individual’s allergy.

4. People with lymphatic disorders. Usually there are pustules and purulent wounds on the body. Including people with Yaws as well

How to know what kind of true honey?

To eat honey for the most benefit and worth One important thing is that it must be genuine honey. But since now Fake honey and genuine honey are very similar, almost indistinguishable.

Resulting in always receiving quality honey So today we come to learn about looking at genuine honey. Which has the following simple principles

Observe the label of the jar or honey jar In which the label states that substances have been added or added Can guess that the honey is definitely fake Or there is very little honey mixed in it Which also makes the benefits of honey inferior as well.

Must not contain any additives, including color additives Any smell or taste Because that is equal to changing the concentration of honey Resulting in inferior quality and not real fresh honey

The color of the honey must be natural. Which is light yellow To clear brown color itself. And must not be too opaque
Must be clean Without any debris or waxing in the bees Because these things may reduce the quality of honey and negatively affect those who eat it.

Authentic honey concentration Must have high concentration and viscosity If it is found that the honey is too liquid Be assured that water or something is added to the honey for sure.

Tested by dripping honey on the finger Observing that If it is genuine honey The honey will curl together. But if it is a fake honey, will clearly spread all over the finger

Tested by driping honey into a glass of tea. Then the tea person equal Which if it is a genuine honey, notice that the honey will not dissolve immediately Because of its high viscosity, it takes time to dissolve.

Genuine honey must not have any bubbles or rancid smell. Because honey can usually be stored for a very long time Even though he had no such smell
And the last method Is a test with matches By using a matchstick to touch the honey at the end.

Then ignite the fire, which if it is genuine honey, the fire will stick and burn the honey too But if it is a fake honey, it will not ignite Due to high humidity

Knowing the benefits of honey like this Anyone who wants to be healthy and strong. With beautiful, clear skin that looks smooth and soft naturally Try turning to eat more honey.

But do not forget that too much honey can cause harm too. Should eat the right amount And to get the most benefit Don’t forget to see that The honey you eat is real honey or not. At this point, good health is not far out of the reach.