Types of cheese that cheese lovers must know.

Cheese  is one of the most popular foods. Is one of the main raw materials of western food. Cheese is made from milk. Has its origins for a long time there are many menus made from various types of cheese. The word cheese is derived from the Latin word , which means “cheese”.

The Bedouin tribe resided in the desert carrying milk by using the stomach of a goat to put milk on the camel’s back to sustain life. During the journey must pass through the heat shaking of milk in a goat stomach container Causing the separation of water and fat from each other Which is the beginning of cheese caused by inattention.
However, there is still a very long history. Found in the Bible that “Roman warriors, wherever they go, will always bring cheese.” There are now over 3,000 cheese types around the world with a soft, smooth taste. Or to make delicious food, making cheese become a favorite food of many people by default.

What is cheese ?

We first come to know that cheese is a food product made from cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, or goat’s milk which is mainly milk protein but has less lactose. Classified as a protein food similar to meat and has a very high nutritional. 
Cheese is rich in calcium that is 2 times more than milk and also contains protein and vitamin D. Good for the bones Helps to take care of muscle cells that are worn. There is also has vitamin B 12 , nourish the nerves, increase energy as well. Followed by zinc, phosphorus and fat. Suitable for all ages and can be eaten good for health. 
Reduce the risk of osteoporosis Osteoarthritis prevents tooth decay, helping to be full for a long time. Lowering cholesterol levels and can reduce the risk of diabetes as well but must eat properly to benefit the body.

What does the cheese made from?

Cheese is made from milk. Through raw milk pasteurization process Put the bacteria in along with adding enzymes. That cause the milk proteins to form a yellow lump, and there is a method of curing according to the temperature The humidity is different according to the formula of each place which is different. And the milk used for production is not the same. 
The different types of bacteria used for fermentation are different. As well as different production times, which makes the cheese very diverse.

How many types of cheese?
Soft Cheese 

Soft cheese is a cheese with a high cream concentration. Gives a smooth, smooth texture White, dissolves in the mouth usually takes short time to incubate cheese such as Brie Cheese, Camembert Cheese and (Neufchatel Cheese) which have a thin outer skin. Eat and feel close to Soft Cheese cream. Pairing very well with white wine such as “Savignon Blanc” with a fruity taste and not too much like red wine, which will cover the cheese flavor.

Semi-hard and soft cheese (Semi Cheese)

Cheese of this type Curing is usually longer than Soft Cheese but shorter. Hard Cheese is divided into Semi-Soft Cheese, has a high moisture content and has a mild flavor, not very concentrated. It is a very diverse raw material such as “Milleens”, “Provolone” , “Raclette”, “Havarti”, “Munster and Port Salut”, etc. Followed by Semi-Hard Cheese. The taste is low in moisture, not soft and not too hard like “Cheddar Cheese” and “Gouda Cheese”.

Hard Cheese

The yellow cheese that we often see and are well known in the menu, usually takes longer to curing than other types of cheese, not much juicy, emphasizing the thick, hard meat, such as “Parmesan cheese”or “Parmigiano-Reggiano” .