The Origin of Pasta

Nowadays there is till debating where is the origin of pasta? Some say that Italy , China or Arabic.

If you are looking at the historical record. We can see that Marco Polo Italian merchant traders brought noodles from China to Italy in 1295. At the same time, food archaeologists have said that some forms of pasta have appeared in history.

Pasta word with wood background

At that time. The wall paintings in the ancient Italian mausoleum (Etruscan Tomb) have tools such as flour cutting boards that are used to make pasta. There is also evidence from the past that shows that people Romans used to make dough from flour and water. Rolled and cut into strips, eaten with sauce

Regardless of where and when the pasta has a origin but the Sicilians were the first to bring the pasta to boil in the water  influenced by Arabs. In the 12th century there is evidence that The Sicilians had a long line of food, similar to today’s spaghetti.

Moreover, in the 13th century, the period before Marco Polo returned from China. There was an Italian cookbook which made pasta in a variety of shapes, such as “Ravioli”, “Vermicelli and Tortelli”. So it cannot be said that pasta is possible. Definitely influenced by China.

In the Renaissance era (Renaissance) Pasta is a food that is available in many restaurants in Italy. Rich Florence people will eat high-priced pasta flavored with spices and sugar. Those who are not rich can eat pasta that is easily cooked with garlic, cheese, or other native vegetables.

In the past

The pasta was fresh, easy to make. In the latter, there was a dry pasta that gave various shapes, most of which came from the people of Naples. (Neapolitans), Since the soil in Naples is suitable for growing Durum wheat combined with the weather and the southern wind, it is suitable for pasta drying. 

Therefore the pasta manufacturing industry in Naples has expanded rapidly And the line that originated at the beginning was Maccheroni, Spaghetti and Lapoli (Tagliatelle), a pasta that does not contain any eggs.

In the beginning, pasta appeared to be food for the poor people?

In the beginning, pasta appeared to be serve easily with tomato sauce. There tomatoes are cultivated well in a climate that is no different from Durum wheat.In those days, pasta dishes with eggs and other flavors were also mixed. Will be freshly made pasta Which is popular only in the northern region only In general, it is popular to eat with meat sauces. 
Until the 20th century, the production of pasta with eggs in the industrial style began.