International food Tips.

Cooking technique means expertise in both the science and art of cooking. Different peoples will have different tips or techniques in cooking. Most of the international food in our country includes American, British, Italian food such as hamburger, stew, spaghetti, pudding etc. In addition, international food of Asian countries such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Muslim, Japanese is popular in Thailand. Causing Thai people to generally have to learn more about the cooking of that country. For eating times, it is similar. Each meal consists of  Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner.


Breakfast       (Breakfast)
           Lunch ( the Lunch)  
           Dinner       (Dinner)

  breakfast:   The breakfast in Europe style. there is bread, butter   and jam  or a fruit juice to one cup.  The Americans would have fried eggs, ham, sausage meat increased. Eating pancakes or grains baked with milk, if human
Work requires haste. Will eat a sandwich or hamburger.
         Lunch : there is eat salad  with clear water, condensed water  or bread before main course such as steak, stir-fried beef, macaroni, spaghetti, pizza, etc.
         Dinner: Start by drinking , Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres.   Then serving a set meal, starting with soup   . The main course is Meat is seasoned by baking or

Techniques for choosing food for international cooking.

   To buy poultry birds that eat many species such as chickens, ducks, pigeons selection principle is similar.
Regardless of the cleanliness and quality of poultry today are sold whole and dissected into parts  can be purchased only in part. Such as  calf wings, etc., making it convenient to cook chicken, if buying whole chicken we should observe the color of the chicken. Make sure its not pale or green blotches have to be gutted. Filled  with a lot of texture, not wrinkled. The eyes aren’t deep in the dent. 
The neck and the slit is still fresh, not bruised. Should choose to buy a cage because the meat is soft When pressed at the end of the sternum, it will weaken according to the pressure.

  Ducks.  Tips of Buying. its just like chicken, must be fresh, with a lot of meat.  Look at the chest part is obvious.   If the duck is thin, the breast will be less, if the duck is too soft, the hair will be very firm, not firm,   should choose a middle-aged size,   with tight chest skin, pink skin, smooth leather, not sticky, no green buttons in general, the eyes are not very deep. The old duck can be seen from the beak and the feet are black.    The duck’s beak is yellow and the feet and feet are yellow. Observe markings If the big button is an old chicken The buttons are small. When pressing on the breastbone If the head is soft, press down.
       The eyes are clear, not deep, not bruised, with no blotches on the stomach, throat and mucus.