Pasta and Spaghetti in japan

Pasta and spaghetti are the favorite in Japan, said that “there is no Japanese people do not eat” is not beyond reality. There are many dishes flavored with Japanese flavors. So we recommend pasta and spaghetti that has been completely absorbed into Japan.

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History of pasta and spaghetti in Japan

It said that the production of pasta in Japan. Started around the year 1880,
in the beginning it was a rare raw material. It is available at a luxury  restaurant only.
Around the year 1950, Pasta was commonly known and during the 1980s,
due to the “popularity of Italian food”, pasta became a staple food that Japanese people like.

Types of pasta.

When talking about “pasta“, The most Japanese people think of “spaghetti” that is thin line. There are people who use the word pasta and spaghetti as the same meaning. Spaghetti is a pasta that is very popular in Japan. 

The main flavorings are meat sauce,pepperoni, and foods called Carbonara. In addition, there are many “Japanese style spaghetti” originated in Japan only.

Pasta and spaghetti available only in Japan.

The representative of the Japanese style spaghetti is “Spaghetti Tarako (Fish Roe)”
“Spaghetti Mentaiko (Fish Roe)” that brings the noodles to mix with Tarako and Mentaiko to eat.
In addition, there is a Japanese style spaghetti that is full of mushrooms, tuna, grated radish and “Natto”(nuts). Most Japanese style spaghetti is flavored with “Shoyu”.

Places in Japan where you can eat pasta and spaghetti.

In Japan There is an Italian restaurant. And a number of specialty spaghetti restaurants. Therefore, regardless of where to find the shop Would certainly not be difficult.
Although not an Italian restaurant It has many of the menu is pasta with
when going to the supermarket. Will find many types of pasta and sauce for pasta in sealed bags. Therefore can be conveniently brought to eat at home.