10 international European Unique menu!!

Food lovers with the menus of each European country which is considered unique in each country. The most importantly, delicious. We challenge you to try when visiting these 10 countries.

Cheese Fondue, Switzerland
Cheese fondue is a food that is suitable for eating every time. Many people are a symbol of Switzerland. It consists of Gruyere cheese and Emmentalter. Set on fire, add garlic, white wine, kirch liqueur, served using a fondue pot with candles or alcohol sticks. Set fire to heat so the butter . Use dry bread cut into small cubes. Dip the butter up and eat it with pickled onions and pickles.

Foie Gras, France Foie Gras
Also known as foie gras or duck, is especially fattening. Foie Gras is known as the best French food liketruffles.It has a soft, oily texture and has a distinct flavor from the liver of ducks or regular geese. Foie gras is a very famous dish known.

Lasagna, Italy Lasagna
Famous Italian Menu popular eating around the world. The mellow flavor deliciously fragrant , soft sticky dough  with various delicious sauces.

Currywurst, Germany Currywurst
Sausage with curry Sauce is famous food in Germany If anyone has a chance to visit, say that absolutely do not miss. Especially in Berlin, it is very popular. Is a grilled sausage with tomato sauce and mustard. Sprinkled with curry powder eaten with french fries or bread.

Seafood Paella.
“Don’t miss out on Paella” its also known as Spanish Fried Rice, which is fried on a large flat pan. Stuffed with seafood Most ingredients focus on chopped tomatoes, onions, thyme, bell peppers, yellow fried rice, cut with seafood, shrimp, clams, crabs and fish. Saw and almost swallowed his spit.

Gulasch, Hungary Goulash
“Gulasch is a homemade stew” It is a famous food in Hungary. Goulaz is cooked with meat such as beef, pork or lamb, beginning with slicing the meat into cubes, then mixing it with salt, then frying it with a light onion and simmering on low heat. Mixed with spices and then seasoned with spicy paprika, both fresh and ground depending on the recipe, add oil to the cream with rich flavor Goulaz, popular to eat with pasta.

Lefse, Norway Lefse
The delicious local food of Norway made from mashed boiled potatoes. look like a large sheet of roti when eating, Applied butter the top of the sausage and wrap it with roti. Also the most food is made from fish. Because this country is finding fish very easily.

Souvlaki, Greece Souvlaki
It is a popular Greek food. Looks like a kebab that can be eaten comfortably. And the soufflaki here has various meat To choose from such as pork, beef, lamb, etc.

Sarmale, Romania
Sarmale is a national dish of Romania that is popular during celebrations. it made from pickled cabbage stuffed with seasoned meat. The size of each piece will vary in each region of the country.

Shopskeke, Bulgaria
Shopskeke is a traditional Bulgarian salad. it made from cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and salt, then topped with finely grated feta cheese.

Borscht, Russia
Borscht is a beet soup that emphasizes the sweet taste of vegetables. A traditional Russian menu that was prepared using beet roots, resulting in a deep red color. Cooked by mixing vegetables and stir fry with tender spices, then put them in boiled water, or if anyone doesn’t eat meat, just add water as a pure vegetable soup. Topped with sour cream or yogurt, eaten with a delicious Russian black bread.