Egg Benedict Bread

Egg Benedict Bread

     Anyone who has leftover whole wheat bread to make a Benedict egg recipe. Place the benedict eggs onto the bread. Eaten alongside various vegetables topped with spicy ufabet mustard cheese sauce.

Egg Benedict bread.

Ingredients Benedict eggs bread

     • Whole wheat bread
     • Green cosmos
     • Tomato slices
     • Asparagus
     • Low fat bologna 
     • Poached egg
     • ufabet Mustard cheese sauce

Ingredients for mustard cheese

     • Cream cheese 
     • Mustard
     • Soy milk (skim milk Or low-fat milk)

How to make bread with eggs Benedict

     1. Make mustard cheese sauce By mixing cream cheese, mustard and soy milk together Put in the microwave Seasoning out salty, spicy Slightly sour
     2. Place the whole wheat bread on the container. Followed by vegetables, bologna and poached egg, mustard sauce, cheese ready to be served.